The AIESEC work permit to Sweden

The AIESEC work permit and foreign skilled workers in Sweden

If you go to Migrationsverket today and investigate how it works for a foreigner to obtain a work permit in Sweden, chances are you’re going to be overwhelmend by the amount of steps necessary to get it done. Here are some of the perils:

  • Advertise job for at least 10 days before issuing an Offer of Employment.
  • Employer has to initiate the process him/herself.
  • Employee receives e-mail and continues process on his/her side.
  • Wait for about 2 months to receive an approval.
  • Risk not having the approval in the end

It can be frustrating for those not familiar with the process, we know. And for that reason, we at AIESEC try to make things easier for Swedish employers. We offer an alternative to the traditional hiring method, which is sanctioned by the Swedish Migration Office itself. You can check the official page about our AIESEC work permit at Migrationsverket right HERE!

With this article, we aim to clarify how the AIESEC work permit works for employees hired through AIESEC and the benefits involved.


The company partners up with AIESEC and hires a young skilled worker from the AIESEC database. It is also possible to bring an individual hired by the company itself, as long as they are 18 to 30 years of age and have access to an AIESEC Local Chapter in their country and accept to participate in our leadership development programme.


AIESEC collects and submits the following documents directly at the Migrationsverket website. The submission of the application takes less than a week.
Invitation Heart
AIESEC Passport
AIESEC Invitation Letter Company Offer of Employment Copy of Applicant’s Passport


Once the application is done, it usually takes 3 to 4 weeks for a decision to be reached. After that, citizens from some countries might be able to come to Sweden directly and finish the process in the country. Some others will be required to visit the nearest embassy and get their biometrics taken. That usually takes a week.


After all that, the employee arrives in Sweden and is ready to work! We then offer support with accomodation, first day of work and integration withing the country!

Like Hooray!

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long can an intern stay in Sweden?
Usually our partners take interns for 12 to 14 months, but the permit can be extended up to 18 months total.

Can the intern stay forever in my company?
Yes, but not with an AIESEC permit. After the initial 18 months the intern is required to apply for a new permit through the normal process.

Do I have to pay extra Fees?
Yes. AIESEC charges a fee for opening up an opportunity in our system, processing the application and receiving the intern in the country. Of course, our process is much faster and safer than the normal procedure due to our partnership with the Migration’s Office.

With that, we hope to have clarified more about how our internships work. If you’re interested in partnering with to bring skilled workers and develop leadership in youth, then visit our product webpage for more information.

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