Long-lasting partnership with Electrolux

One of the main goals of AIESEC is to develop and provide leaders to the world. For many years now, AIESEC has been working with many businesses and corporations in order to achieve this goal. One of these corporations is Electrolux. Take a look in the video below to check what they have to say about us:

As with Electrolux, AIESEC in Sweden seeks to bring open-minded professionals to work and make a positive impact in Swedish companies. If you’d like to know more about our opportunities or how we work, take a look at our webpage for companies or access our opportunities portal directly.Check below to know more about the AIESECers who work for Electrolux:

Natalia Farfan

Natalia is from Bogota, Colombia, where she studied International Business Administration. She was part of AIESEC Uninorte and AIESEC en Colombia for four years and then became Business Development Manager for AIESEC International. Currently she is working as Talent & Performance Coordinator at Electrolux HQ.

“Electrolux values AIESEC talent and understands its potential” – Natalia.

Ivan Sánchez Enrique

Ivan is currently Project Coordinator for Visual Communication at Electrolux HQ. Born and raised in Barcelona, Ivan did his Bachelors in International Business Economics in Pompeu Fabra University. He contributed to AIESEC as an active member for four years including the role of President of AIESEC in Spain.

Himanshu Arora

Himanshu Arora is from Chandigarh, India, and has studied Industrial Engineering and Management. After finishing his internship at NTUH in Taiwan, he currently works as Sales and Operations Analyst within Small Appliances at Electrolux HQ in Stockholm.

Interested in having people like this working in your company? Access our opportunities portal or webpage for companies.

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