Our Global Talent program connects companies with young bright minds and help them fulfill their business needs with international students and recent graduates.

Hire a International Talent easy and fast

Behind every successful organization that innovates is a diverse global workforce. With us, sourcing international talent becomes easy as recruiting in your local Market. Infuse your business with the fresh perspective of young people from all over the World.

Global Talent

Hire skilled young Talent from around the world

Our Global Talent program helps companies fulfil their Human Resources needs with skilled young talent. Hire global interns and gain a competitive advantage in your market.
Global Teacher

Hire young Talent from around the world as teachers

Our Global Teacher program helps educational institutions and organizations fulfill their need for teachers with skilled young people.

Gain access to our international talent pool

Our network gives you instant access to young talent from over 120 countries and territories from all around the world.

Applications in your dashboard

Access our international pool of talents and manage your application in your dashboard.

Paperwork? Visa? Let us handle the logistics

Our team of volunteers will take care of logistics. Our talent solutions make your international hiring experience feel like a local one.

  • Setting a Clear Job Description
  • Support with obtaining insurance
  • Guide intern to set development goals
  • Onboard intern with the company on the first day
  • Assistance on setting clear expectations
  • Help intern settle and understand general living condition
  • Support intern upon arrival in the new country
  • Co-host development spaces for the intern
  • Support in finding accommodation
  • Assist intern to obtain visa and work permit

What others say

"AIESEC in Sweden helped us find 2 interns and were very professional and effective in their approach. They listened to us and understood our culture, team fit, and needs well. The journey of the interns from their home country to our workplace has been smooth and AIESEC played a big role in facilitating the process"
Vikram Sundarasekhar - Board Member in Tavex AB
"They have been providing excellent support whenever necessary and they are putting in a lot of energy and time to make sure that the interns who join Alfa Laval get a great experience in Sweden. In these times, where it is difficult to get good international talent, AIESEC provides the platform for us to easily get applicants who are fresh and able to adjust to an international workspace"
Nilanka Sooriyampola - Talent Acquisition Coordinator in Alfa Laval AB
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