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Emelie's Story

I think this is key to get out of your comfort zone, and see how the world is for a lot of other people.

- Emelie, Linköping University
woman in black dress walking down a wooden bridge in the jungle

Hej! My name is Emelie, I’m from Marbella, Spain. I study in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and was an Erasmus student at Linköping University in Sweden from last year until Summer. I’m studying a double bachelor in International Studies and Business Administration.
In July, I went on a Global Volunteer AIESEC exchange to Occidente, Costa Rica.

I went as a global volunteer in Costa Rica and worked on a project of conservation of marine turtles at Drake Beach and Ganada Beach. In the project we mainly patrolled the beaches so that if a turtle came and lay eggs, we could take them to a safer place were they could not be stolen by people or attacked by animals.

In the first weeks we built the safer place for the eggs; it was really hard work, digging 1 meter in the sand and working under the scorching tropical sun. We also collected plastics from the beaches because sometimes animals tried to eat them. It was quite difficult at first because we were in the middle of nowhere, all around us was nature, no civilization at all, we didn’t have hot water, WiFi, electricity, not even a floor or complete walls in the bedrooms.

We were in the middle of nowhere, all around us was nature, no civilization at all, we didn't have hot water, WiFi, electricity...

view of Costa Rica with a lake, dense jungle and a house with solar panels

I think this is key to get out of your comfort zone, and see how the world is for a lot of other people. Although I loved the project, I was not very happy with how things were managed as they expected us to know and do things which we had no knowledge of before. Despite this, I still recommend everyone that asks me about my experience to go volunteering with AIESEC because I really believe in its purpose and I can say my experience as a volunteer in Costa Rica really made a difference.

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Volunteer in Costa Rica

Help conserve the natural habitat of endangered Drake turtles!

How does Global Volunteer with AIESEC work?

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What do I get after volunteering?

  • Impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 14
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Understanding the Costa Rican Culture
  • A certificate of participation from AIESEC
  • Experential leadership development with AIESEC
  • A fun and memorable summer!
  • Friends from all over the world
  • Memories that last a lifetime

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What does AIESEC provide?

  • Quality Cultural Exchange Projects
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  • Climate compensation for all flights relating to the project
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  • Social events outside project
  • A community of likeminded volunteers
  • Leadership skills development

What are the project requirements?

  • Project Fees starting from 4.000SEK
  • You must be legally living in Sweden and aged between 18 - 30 years
  • Travel Expenses to Costa Rica
  • Personal Expenses for the duration of the project

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Volunteer in Costa Rica

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